Welcome To Mafia Hitter!

Enjoy playing mafia style games? Then your going to love this game! This game is ran by active staff, unlike other mafia games, and improvements are being added on a daily to weekly basis. Join in on the game, get a job, do crimes and start your own business. Gain money and points so you can be the top player in the game. Watch out for other MoFos, they will try to kill you and burn down your home to become on top. Travel the streets of Buffalo, Las Vegas, Houston, London and Sydney. There is no limit in this game on what you can do! There is always something that can keep you going. So what are you waiting for? Signup now!


Top Players

  • Big Dawg [375]
  • Misty Blue Eyes [345]
  • astanator [254]
  • justin credible [1339]
  • KiSSoFD3ATH [1402]

Top Gangs

  • Dix N Bitches
  • WiLdFiRe