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NOTE: Please note, you are responsible for abiding by all game rules. Once you sign in, these can be located by pressing Game Rules at the bottom of the page. Users under the age of 18 need not to signup.

Mafia Hitter collects your email address at the time of registration and is used only for the sole purpose of email announcements from game staff. You may choose to opt out of these notifications via In-Game Staff Support, or through the Contact Us page on the homepage. Mafia Hitter will not sell or provide your e-mail address to any outside vendor, contractors or any other provider. Mafia Hitter encrypts all passwords stored into the system to prevent data breach. If a data breach of any kind was to occur, we will notify all users as soon as possible and take the appropriate steps to ensure your data is secure.
1) Possessing multiple accounts in the game, without staff authorization, is strictly prohibited. If another member in your household wants to play, you must message staff and get authorization from staff BEFORE setting up a new account. Mafia Hitter reserves the right to revoke your authorization to have a second account at anytime, without warning or explanation. If you are approved to have a second account, no form of transfer of game points or cash is permitted. If you become in violation of this, you account may be banned without warning. Gifting a donator package to the other account that is on your IP is permitted.

2) Account owners are prohibited from selling Mafia Hitter currency or items for money, other game currency, etc. Users in violation of this rule will be banned without warning.

3) Any attempt to modify a URL variable or to change how a game function works is considered cheating and will get you banned without warning. All bugs or exploits must be reported to Mafia Hitter staff. Failure to do so will result in a ban of your account.

4) Account owners actions in the game are tracked and logged to ensure fair gameplay and to assist staff in bug research. This includes messages sent in the game as well. Staff can review this logged information at anytime.

5) Mafia Hitter is not responsible for anything that happens to your account. If your account is compromised, we will not assist in returning points, money or items. To ensure the safety of your account, please do not share your username, password, or e-mail with anyone.

6) Profile images, images posted in chat, or anywhere else in the game may not contain nudity, offensive material, etc. Nudity is considered fully exposed breast or genitalia.

7) General staff has the ability to handle most situations, however, some issues are required to be handled by the main owner. If your support ticket ends up in the GSB Escalations Queue, it may be a few days before you get a response. Please avoid profanity and use respect when messaging staff.

8) The language used in the game, forum and chat may be profane and use explicit content. Mafia Hitter is not responsible for any offense content that may be posted in the game. Please refrain from posting hate, racist, or offensive terms when posting public data (chat, profile comments, forums, etc.) in the game. If the comment is bad enough, you could be banned. You may use this type of language in messages, but note, the other user has the power to block your messages.

9) Any communications of using a script, bot, or any other type of hacks are not permitted. Using a proxy, IP changer, or any other type of IP Changing software is also prohibited. Mafia Hitter reserves the right to force logout your account if we believe you are running a hack.

10) Gang Quest points must be sent out to the players that have assisted in that quest in a far and justified manner. Failure to apply by this rule will result in disciplinary action. Gang Quest requires at least five active players online for that day before you can begin a quest.

11) When receiving a redemption code from an award or contest win, you may redeem the code for your own account, or pass it to another player as a gift. Selling redemption codes for game currency OR any other currency is against game rules. You either gift it to another player with no profit or use it for yourself. If you redeem the code and transfer, if applicable, the award to someone else, this is OK. A code may only be used once unless otherwise noted. There is no returns on codes once they have been used.

12) All donations to the game are non-refundable, regardless of your current account status.

13) Mafia Hitter does not self ban accounts. If you choose to stop playing, then just stop logging in.

14) Mafia Hitter will send e-mails to the registered e-mail address registered to your account. If you choose not to receive this e-mails anymore, please notify staff to be removed from the mailing list.

15) Common Sense is a requirement of this game. Please do not play if you have none.

Mafia Hitter rules constantly change to fit the needs of our community. Even though we may not force you to agree to the rules again, you are responsible to review this page often for updates.